Friday, October 25, 2013

Camoflauge, Hunting Blind, and Money.

The words "we need a hunting blind" made cringe all over.  I just could not see the reason we needed to spend so much money on something that was going to sit in the woods. 

It is needless to say that I know NOTHING about hunting and what we do need and don't need.  

Tonight we were on a mission, a mission that I knew I was not going to get out cheap on. When the words first come up, I thought okay maybe $60 then maybe $80.  When I was faced with $100 it made me sad to spend the money.  

It makes me mad to spend $4 on a gallon of milk, let alone $100 pm something I see no need in.   As I stood there venting at Jess (my gal pal) how I thought it was ridiculous we had to spend this kind of money on hunting stuff.  She looked straight at me and reminded me "David works hard for his money, and hunting season only last a few months."

I then realized not only was I being silly, but I was being selfish.  It is just $100, that is money that would have gotten blowed on silly nonsense, he deserves his blind and he shall get it.  

As I sit here typing this, he is across the room like a child on Christmas morning, putting together his new blind.   

Not only did splurging for his blind make him happy, it made me happy!  

All is Well, All is Happy!

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