Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More More More

My world is at whirlwind around me...there is so much I want to say, but so many things telling not to say it.

I beg for answers, I plea with God for results, I look for guidance and yet nothing.

I have preached faith for so long.

I have been decieved by others, used for so many reasons, until now I feel empty.

My zest for life feels deflated, I feel everywhere I turn there is someone begging for more. They always need more, they always have to have more, they must have more more more.

When is there more for me, when is there respect for me, when is there zest for me.

You have emptied me I say, you have taken all you can take.  I am broke, I am beaten, I am battered, yet you cannot see that.

I say I am done, yet I am so done that I spent my last chance on another that will only take more from me.

This world is dark I know it.  This world will never be the same as it once was.  It is full of people that need more, want more, and have to have more more more.  

I dream of the day that I am here no more and someone will stand over my grave and say we really needed more.

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