Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Midway, Puxico, Missouri

 A friend of mine sent me a Facebook post about The Midway and said, “you need to try this place out.”

It had my brain intrigued; I love a good small-town place that hasn’t been blasted by all the news media outlets. 

The Midway in Puxico, Missouri - town population 873, business rating 10 Star -  “I am not in Missouri anymore standards.”  

We were greeted at the front door by who I later learned to be one of the owners, this was by chance, because there was no way he knew who I was, and no way I knew who he was.   He showed us the dining area on the main level, but then suggested the Goat’s Pen upstairs.  Live music, fun seating, and full-service menu!  My friends and I are always out for a fun time!  

The owner, still not knowing who I was, escorted us upstairs.  We chatted about the building and his business!   Stop, Note, if you love tastefully decorated places with a mix of antiques and modern, this is YOUR place!   This building is beautiful and perfectly laid out!  

As we arrived upstairs there were four of us and the only tables left were 2 seaters.  We were willing to squeeze in, but they fixed that, he pushed tables together and made it work for our party of 4.   They had live music play, they had people visiting, and the environment was well done!  

Their menu, add a little hillbilly word to a New York City Menu and that’s it!   Spoon & Spout is what they called the kitchen serving us, they have sections that do special menus, almost like a Wall Drug Store but with restaurants.  

Appetizer: Goat Tags, usually cut potatoes, smothered with all the things that make them good!  This was the perfect appetizer for all four of us to share!  The price?  Comparable to the big chain restaurants that buy in bulk.  Win Win Goat Tags for Dinner!  

Not just Goat Tags, the waitress presented their menu and my jaw dropped.  How in the world do they afford to serve this kind of food in this kind of building for this kind of price!   You will NOT go bankrupt eating there!  I mean you could, but not likely!   

I chose their advertised Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Tenderloin - the tenderloin is stuffed, then topped with a balsamic glaze. It is served with Gouda mashed potatoes and a side salad.  Okay the Gouda mashed potatoes are not served, they are presented!  Like for kings and queens, carefully placed on your plate in a beautiful design.  The flavor of all was absolutely “I am not in Missouri anymore standards.”  Ding Ding, Stuffed Pork Tenderloin for dinner! 

Trey decided to try the Pork Ribeye - the pork ribeye is topped with an apple cider reduction glaze and a pineapple, with a side is a warm potato salad.  I snuck a taste!  Again, “I am not in Missouri anymore standards.”   I see people driving from Texas to eat this food!  It is that good! 

Dessert?  The Custard Coop is their opening soon frozen custard shop, but until then they have dessert handled.   I ordered a warm blackberry cobbler, it was as good as Grandma made it.  I ordered a chocolate peanut butter parfait thing for Trey (yes, I decided for him) and it was amazing!  The best I have ever had!  The presentation was beautiful as well!  Again, “I am not in Missouri anymore standards.”

After dinner we took a peek around their gift shop and the downstairs dining room.  I may have also taken a seat on their vintage furniture after all, I am an antique expert, sorta.  

I do highly recommend taking a trip to The Midway.  Make it a weekend trip to Southeast Missouri.  

Close by to The Midway: Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, Duck Creek Conservation Area, Yoder’s Garden’s Shop, Lake Wappapello State Park, or follow the Rural Southeast Missouri Treasure Trails.  

Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated for my review.   When I arrived at The Midway, they did not know who I was.  It was not until after I left and I posted about The Midway that my identity was known.  I prefer to eat and visit places that do not know me; that way I get authentic service and see how they really treat people.  

More Photos from our visit to The Midway Available Here:

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