Monday, February 17, 2014

Wildlife at Duck Creek Conservation Area in Puxico, Missouri

The Frozen Duck Creek

A Muskrat....I have never seen one before!  Amazing Fellow!

He went for a Swim....brrrrr

I think I annoyed him.  :-(

An Otter, I have only seen an Otter in captivity

They call these River Otters, they are common in Missouri, but hard to spot.

He was enjoying some Lunch :-)

 I was so excited that I nearly wet my pants...LOL

He was a happy little fellow!

I liked this Duck, he was cool! 

They are amazing to watch in take off!

Sunrise on the Lake


Only God could create this!

True Beauty!

A Beaver, I was soooo excited!  I have never seen one this close.

I have only seen their crafty often annoying work!

Reflections on the Ice.

So Many DUCKS....

Ice Skating Ducks

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  1. Becky, I am sick and don't get to go many places or get out very much anymore, so I thoroughly enjoyed your pic's and your enthusiasm (I was thrilled too! I've never seen some of those critters before either!) Thank you so much for sharing! May God bless you now and forever! Especially for giving him credit due! :-)