Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Pin Photos from Instagram to Pinterest

A small miracle happened in my world today - I discovered I could pin photos from Instagram to Pinterest, both on my computer and on my mobile phone.

This could be earth shattering for me - I use to hate Pinterest, mainly because I could not intertwine my Instagram photos - without a huge headache.

NOW - I could very well fall in love with Pinterest.  

How to pin your photos from Instagram to Pinterest.  

Instagram is still a mobile app - since most people use it on mobile I am going to first show you how to pin your photos via the mobile apps first.

First post a photo on Instagram , use one that you have already posted, or you can use these tips to pin someone else's photos like I have done here.

Go to the Instagram the photo and you will see this: 

You need to click on those 3 dots that I have circled in red, when you click this will pop up.  

Magically more options appear - to pin the photo you need to Copy Share Url - you do that by just tapping it.  

Once the URL is copied you will get a green notification (link copied to clipboard) that looks like this:  

You are ready to now pin the image on Pinterest!  First you need to open you Pinterest Mobile App, when you open it you may see something in blue at the bottom of the screen - if you do, click it.  It will automatically take you through the steps of pining.

If you do not see the blue line, you will need to do a manual upload from a website, so you will go to the + symbol. 

You will need to select the web option (world image) then you will be taken to this screen: 

Simply paste the URL of the Instagram Image you would like to share.  Then you will be taken to this screen: 

Now I have noticed this screen stalling, or going blank, or not appearing - if it does, just re-paste your link and try again.   Once Pinterest finds your image you will see this screen: 

Obviously you will pick your image - there should only be 1 image.  Once you have selected your image you will be brought to this screen:  

This will be where you select what board you choose to pin this photo to - please note if you belong to group boards, know their rules for pinning photos.   

Once you have selected your board you will be brought to this screen: 

Now you are either done with the photo or you can Edit the description: 

That little pencil inside the circle will give you the option to edit the description, change your URL (in case you want the photo link back to an article), and add location.  

You may want to at least give a better description of the photo - and if it is not your photo - give credit the person whose photo it is.  

Now Pinning from the Web: 

Many people do not realize they can view, comment, and follow people on Instagram from their PC - ironically the only thing you cannot do on the Instagram website from your computer is upload photos.  

To pin photos from Instagram there is 2 options. 

1.  Click the photo you want to pin and then use your pin button from your tool bar - that is probably easiest. 

2.  Copy and paste the URL into Pinterest, just like you would do any other website you are pinning from. 

Then click over to Pinterest and click the upload button: 

From there you have the same steps as you do in mobile; selecting boards, editing pin, and sharing over other social networks.  

Happy Pinning you all - if you have any questions feel free to ask!  


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