About The Missouri Mom

Hi Folks, I am Becky!

For some reason everyone thinks it is important that I share a little about myself, so here it is.

In 2010, as a joke I started my first "serious" blog Adventures Among Us (which is still live) where I shared ideas for travel, events, blah blah blah!

my family 
In 2012, my world was altered just slightly, so to close off my past in 2013, I started my new blog The Missouri Mom.  Here I will share our life in rural Missouri, events in Missouri, travel stories, social media tips, family life, and my personal thoughts - some really personal.

I am an avid supporter of our local area #BoCo Missouri - I currently serve as the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce President, I am my kid's biggest fan, I am married to the love of my life and an Arkansas Hottie, I am very organized, never late for anything (HAH), and an expert at nothing.  I love to share God's Love, travel, visit cool events, I get my adrenaline pumping, try new things, and find something that will keep my attention more than 5 minutes.

So anyways.... since I obviously love to talk about myself, feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@BeckyAdventure) Facebook (The Missouri Mom), on Instagram, or by email at adventuresamongus(at)gmail.com



  1. Fascinating blog, Becky! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  2. Well, Young Lady.. you are very talented with Great Opinions and Ideas.. Keep up the Good Work. Thanks Daniel at Whippoorwill Lake.


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