About The Missouri Mom

I am just living the dream here, someone’s dream, but it is a dream. 

For some reason everyone thinks it is important that I share a little about myself, sometimes I over-share, but I am sharing! 

In 2010, as a joke I started my first "serious" blog Adventures Among Us (which is still live) where I shared ideas for travel, events, blah blah blah! 

In 2012, my world was altered just slightly, so to close off my past in 2013, I started my new blog The Missouri Mom.  I also was economically forced to move to my hometown to live in my parent’s basement. Divorce can rock your world. 

In 2015, after declaring men were from hell, I met a man that could tolerate me and sometimes like me - so I married him in 2016. 

I spent 7 years working for the State of Missouri in the social field.  I loved every moment of helping people, hated every moment of the process and policies that tied me to my desk and phone.  

After surviving Covid as a state worker while caregiving for my aging father-in-law with Alzheimer’s, I resigned at 5am one morning because family first. 

In 2021, I opened my first little

Vogue Mom N Pop Shop in my hometown while also staring as the non-native Mayor’s Wife…..I am from here, he is not. 

In 2022, a friend of mine and l, opened our second shop the Old Lutesville Emporium, bringing an eclectic antique mall to rural Missouri.  

Here, on this crazy website, I share our life in rural Missouri, events in Missouri, travel stories, social media tips, family life, and my personal thoughts - some really personal and embarrassing for my family.  

So anyways....  feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@BeckyAdventure)Facebook (The Missouri Mom), on Instagram.

See Ya Around, 



  1. Fascinating blog, Becky! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  2. Well, Young Lady.. you are very talented with Great Opinions and Ideas.. Keep up the Good Work. Thanks Daniel at Whippoorwill Lake.


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