Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Results from Total Results Salon in Marble Hill, MO

The BEFORE  the magic! 

 (Disclosure: I have given my hair treatment at a discounted rate in exchange for this blog post, however, ALL thoughts and opinions are my own!)

I have NEVER had my hair professionally highlighted, well that was until last week!  I am sure when my hair dresser Danielle heard me say that she nearly fell over!

A few weeks back Danielle Beel with Total Results Salon in Marble Hill asked me if I would be up for covering up my gray hairs peaking through?  I was hesitant at first, while I know she is fabulous at styling my hair, what is she going to do with hair color???

As I sat down in Danielle's chair, she asked "so what are we going to do?"  My response, "just don't make me look dumb."

Minutes later Danielle had some concoction whipped up, foil out, and went to work on my hair.  What I thought would be a LONG process, flew by so quickly.  Danielle could have taken longer as when I go to the beauty shop I tend to escape reality.  However, within minutes it was time to see my results, or the new me.

During the Do! 

I am delighted to say I look CUTE with my new hair, my kids were ecstatic to see it, as I am normally a brunette and they are both blonde....now D-man says "Momma, we MATCH" and we do!  Contrary to my belief ( I have used over the counter products before to highlight my hair) my hair does

not feel all dried out or like straw.  I actually cannot tell the difference in my hair from before I had my hair done and after. 

Danielle's shop Total Results Salon is located in Uptown Marble Hill, MO.  She welcomes new clients, walk-ins, and of course friendly faces. 

After the Do!  Not a good pic! 

On My Way Home!

A week Later!  I love this look MORE! 

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