Monday, October 21, 2013

I am the MEAN Mom

In the past month I have been called every name in the book, including the MEAN Mom.  While I can't
agree with all those names, I will agree with the MEAN Mom title.

While I do not consider myself a terrible mom, compared to some I would definitely be considered MEAN. 

Here is my point of view, I am not raising children, I am raising the future of our society and I have dealt with adults that have not had MEAN moms and to be frank they SUCK!

I expect children to pull their weight, fulfill their responsibilities, and act as if they are part of society....not a bunch of wild monkeys at the zoo!  

In my house kids have duties, sometimes those duties are the same old duties, sometimes they are things I just ask them to do, and  sometimes those duties are UNSPOKEN duties.

I am NOT the children's slave!  I may stay home or work from home, but guess what I am not here to pick up after everyone!  

I do NOT take orders from anyone, if you cannot ask me politely then I will not respond politely.

I WILL treat you exactly how you treat me!  If you refuse to do what I ask, then guess what, I will refuse to do what you need done.  Yes this can get ugly and I am sure you will not appreciate cold cereal for dinner, but it can happen!   

If you make a MESS, I expect you to clean it up before I find it.  If I find it first, I will only tell you to clean it up once (I will not ask, because there is no reason to "ask" you to clean up after yourself), if you do not clean it up the first time I will simply move the mess to your living quarters.  Yes that simple.

I am NOT a Chef, I cook one meal for everyone, if you do not like it, you have the choice to make yourself a peanut butter sandwich, but that is it.

It is YOUR JOB to do your homework, not mine.  I am here to help if you have question or need help, but I will not remind you, beg you, or do your homework for you.

If you are NOT nice to someone you will learn to be nice to them.  I don't care if little Johnny down the road gets on your nerves, you will learn to suck it up and smile through it.   In life you will learn there are a lot of people you have to be nice to, so you will start learning now.

It is MY CHOICE to be a parent, while I would not trade it for a moment, you may push me to quit my
"optional" child care duties such as cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, and anything else I believe you are able to do....NOTE I did not say helping with homework, as you getting a good education is TOP priority for me.

You DO NOT have to go to school, you have your own free will to go or not.  When it is legal for you to quit you are welcome to quit.  The day you QUIT school is the day you will find your own place to live, pay for your own food, pay for your own phone, do your own laundry, and tend to your own needs.  Now if you graduate from school all terms are different, as I support folks who strive for a good education.

If I pay for your phone, I have TOTAL ACCESS to it.  Sorry to disappoint you the only people who have privacy in this house is the parents.  Your phone is NOT yours, I pay a monthly bill for it as well as I paid for it when you got it, you will hand it over at my request.  This is not to control you talking to parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or anyone else that is deemed is to protect you from getting into trouble. 

Your Facebook account is also mine whenever I want it to be, again sorry to disappoint you!  I will check your friends list, tell you who can be friends with, and look at the post on you wall as well as inbox messages.  I am NOT using your account to spy on anyone, but I do know what "sexting" is and I know how it gets started.   

I am not required by law to allow you to play sports, hang out with friends, do extra curricular activities, and give you spending money.  This means these are OPTIONAL, however, I support you doing these things IF you keep up your end of your chores, homework, and being nice to others.

Your CHORE list, it may fluctuate some, but being that I wash the dishes most days, I wash, dry and sort the laundry, I clean the toilet, I clean the bathtub, I mop the floors, I cook dinner, I do the grocery shopping, I pack lunch boxes, and pretty much all the hard stuff.....I suspect your chore list is shorter than many other kids your age. 

I EXPECT you to call your other parent.  I know this is ridiculous, but it is your responsibility to call your mom and dad, not mine.  Your relationship is between you and them, I am not a part of it.  I will only remind you once a week, other than that it is between you and them to keep in touch. I do provide you with a phone that you can text or call them at any time with.  

I WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!  You cannot control how much I love you!  Even when you screw up, even if you quit school, even if I catch you texting the wrong person, even if you don't do all your chores!  I WILL still love you!  That does not mean you will suffer the consequences, but I will love and pray for you as I watch you pay the price.  

Parenting is NOT easy, some days it feels like a scene from a horror film, some days I look like one of the "walkers" off Walking Dead, and NO day is it full of rainbows and butterfly's. 


The MEAN Mom 


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