Thursday, May 24, 2012

PLEASE Respect our Privacy...

I have delayed commenting about this, and I have feared saying much of anything, but I have realized others are talking for me, so I must speak up for the sake of our children.

I know many of you follow my family and I either here on our blogs, on Facebook, twitter, or even at the grocery store and I know lately you have noticed things are not exactly the  same.  I refuse to share details or deal with twisted tales for the sake of my 2 darling angels that don’t deserve to deal with anything negative.

Ryan and I, much like many other marriages, have came to a time that we can no longer agree on everything in life.  With that said our disagreements are between us, not us and the world, us and our children, or even us and anyone else.  We have a firm belief that no matter what happens in the end everything we do in life, rather publicly or inside our home affects our children.  At the end of the day, no matter how we feel about each other, Celesse and Dillard deserve the best life ever and should only know happy days full of adventures. 

 From you my readers, my friends, my family I ask of you to please respect our privacy as gossip, hateful tales, and talk does not hurt Ryan or me, but it does hurt those 2 little faces that have done nothing wrong in life.  Please give us space, love, laughter, and days full of good wholesome excitement while we work through this, as negativity only does harm and positive thoughts brings strength.   

I know many of you may ask now, what happens here on Adventures Among Us, and my other blogs, well the story goes on.  We do have a summer full of adventures planned, and just like your job and everyday life goes on, ours does to. 

We thank you in advance for your respect, or your kind thoughts, and abundance of love. 

Becky & Ryan 

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