Sunday, May 20, 2012

Discover Missouri Nature with Kids

“Mom, are there alligators here?”  Yes, those are the rambling words of my darling 4 year old as we walked along the boardwalk at Big Oak Tree State Park. 

Really I felt like a total fail as an Adventurist…I mean come on we have visited nearly all the Missouri State Parks in Southeast Missouri, and many conservation areas, but yet my little man still wonders if Missouri has alligators. 

So with my pride between my tail and my embarrassment at an all time high I started to do some research on how to teach my little one about what wildlife we have in Missouri.  Obviously, we already subscribe to River Hills Traveler…good thing or Emery & Jo would have my head, but we also have subscribed to the Missouri Conservation’s FREE Xplor Magazine for kids, but I have DISCOVERED something new for curious kids like mine.  Continue to Read More

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