Thursday, May 17, 2012

Momma buys a NEW 2012 Honda Civic

I know several of my readers, most of my friends, and of course, all my family had recently heard about my recent MISHAP with my little red car….it was TRAGIC, I was HEARTBROKEN, and my car was DEAD.

With summer upon us, and gas prices not being cheap I was on a mission to find an affordable, conservative (yet semi-flashy), and most importantly family car. 

Cars are not my specialty, to be honest I know about as much about cars as cars know about me.  However, I had my list of what was important to me and I was sticking to that list! 

The one thing I did not mention on the list is I wanted to pick the car out all by myself, yep you heard it, I wanted this to my choice.  So off I went to test drive cars, yes I allowed Ryan to tag along when he was here, but ultimately this is my car, so I did the driving.  Now, before I go much farther, ladies if you drive your vehicle 80% of the time you need to pick a vehicle that fits you, not what fits whoever is in your life.  Why you ask?  Comfort is a key factor in SAFETY! 

After driving a Dodge, a couple different Hondas, a Volkswagen, and drooling over the new Nissan Juke my decision came down to a 2012 Honda Civic.  Yep, Momma got a CUTE car! 

Now that you seen my reasons let me explain some of the major factors! 

Customer service, okay you can just look at me and tell I am not much of a car shopper…..giggle please!  I personally have an opinion that most or all car salesman or women are smooooooth talkers, they gots to make money somehow.  However, I walked into Cape Girardeau Honda, and while they are car sales representatives, they took the time to listen to my needs, wants, and opinion before telling me what I needed to buy!  In fact, they NEVER told me what to buy, so I give them brownie points…or well I am sharing my experience here!   

2012 Honda Civic
Price, okay I could probably afford an extremely high car payment, but I have addiction to TRAVEL, so car payments must stay within my budget.  I explained to the sales folks that I had a budget, they laid out all my options, and unbelievably they had several options that fit my needs!  Now, something everyone looks at me in shock when I say this…I LEASED my car!  Yes, I went with a lease option instead of locking myself into a long-term commitment.  Did you know that you can choose how many miles you get on a lease…well I did not, until the sales folks sat down explained to me my options, showed me their lease calculator, and gave me some things to think about.  For some folks leases are bad ideas, for me I will keep you posted in 3 years!       

Cuteness factor, all right folks, I am NO mini-van mom!  Sure if somebody gave me one FREE I would drive it, but if I am buying a car, I will stick to my semi sporty car!  My Honda Civic is sporty, yet MOMmified!  I love it, I look forward to my summer adventures in it, and I am more than pleased with my car. 

My OFFICIAL Car Tester
Now, in no way was I compensated for this post about my car buying adventure…I could only wish…hahaha.  In fact I am still not sure the poor salesman even understood what a "blogger" is, so this post may actually make him BLUSH!   

With that said, if you are in the market for a new car and looking for good service, reliable cars, and someone that makes you feel like your ideas are more important than their ideas then I do suggest stopping in at Cape Girardeau Honda.  You can tell them that Becky the Missouri Traveling Momsent you there, and that you expect the same kind of service she received!  

If you see me driving around my semi-flashy new car, give me a wave! 

Have an Adventurous Day!


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