Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Year Down on the Road to Eternity.

It was suppose to be the hardest year of our lives, they said that we would struggle, they said the adjustment period would take a toll on us. 

It has been one year to the day since Trey and I began our life together as a family.  It has been a ride
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of a year; in the middle of adjusting to all of us living under one roof, I started a new job and we bought a new house - but that didn't seem to stop us.

I remember sitting among a group of newlyweds and listening to the chat about how hard the first year of marriage was - I almost felt guilty for not feeling like we were struggling and later I even questioned if there was something wrong with our relationship - we were not fighting constantly.  

One day I was chatting with my friend and discussing the fact that I couldn't understand why Trey and I were not the typical "newlyweds" - or how they describe the first year of marriage.  She laughed at me and said "Becky you are not typical, your marriage was not considered normal to today's society, and your marriage was built around God - not lust"  - quite a compliment, but.......

Sometimes I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop and one of us spend a few nights on the couch angry - but then I remind myself that marriage is not designed for battle, it is designed for companionship, friendship, and a helpmate. We do not need to fight to be married - we need to love.  

We owe this first year and the next hundred or so to God and like our wedding day, I am excited to see where year two takes us.  

I told you about my little nothing town
The house where I came from

I told you sometimes I lose my faith
I wondered why someone like you would even talk to me

I told you there's no fixing me
Cause everybody's already tried
Why did you stay? You could have left.  

I could have waited, it would have all came out eventually
I told you all the stupid things I've done
I could have blamed it on being young, But I was old enough to know, I know

 I told you the mess that I can be
When there's no one there to see 
You said you would look the other way, cause you love me anyway. 

 I told you I planned on staying here, My dreams are here
And I knew your family is gonna want you to stay there.
You know what? I don't blame them

So I said what I didn't want to
And just prayed you wouldn't leave 

 You loved me anyway, you love me anyway

So before we go another year - I just want to say, I love you more than ever before! 

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