Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sex, eMeals, and Marriage

Hot out of the gossip isle in the local grocery store is the burning questions you have asked about sex, eMeals, and marriage - three things I am happy to talk to you about.

Did you get a lot of negative feedback for talking about sex on your blog? 

NO!  Actually my recent posts about saving yourself for marriage and having pure relationships have went crazy.  I sense that people are craving and looking for answers as to why their relationships are failing.  I have heard nothing but good things about those post and actually struck up several good conversations about God and how to have less drama filled relationships.

I am happy to talk to anyone about this topic, so if you have a question or are searching for answers - ask away!

What is eMeals?  Do you like it? Does your kids like the meals? 

eMeals is this program that you pay for, but helps you plan your meals and your grocery list - the
my fav eMeals lunch
recipes are simple, you can access them on your phone or computer, and the goal is for you to eat healthy on a budget.

Do I like it?  That is an understatement - this program has made my life so much simpler and I feel so much better than I did when I just threw food together.  Yes the program cost a little money, but sometimes spending the money is better than dealing with an unhealthy diet and stress of cooking.

Do my kids like the meals?  Well sometimes as parents we have to act God like - sometimes God feeds us a dose of something that we do not like, but we still have to eat it.  So........the kids are not alway fond of the foods I cook (they miss junk food) however, both of them look healthier, feel better, and by far are not starving.   So I suspect they will survive.

When are you getting married?  What is this about going to marriage counseling?

We are getting married on April 30th - I am so excited to spend eternity with Trey.  He is an amazing man, a Christian (like me), and he has proven to have good parenting skills (even though he does not have children.

Yes we are doing premarital counseling!  I wanted to have those unanswered questions answered - however, found that there really are not that many.

We are doing this neat little study by by Francis and Lisa Chan called You and Me Forever - this takes a different look on marriage.  The focus is keeping your eyes on God and your marriage will fall into place - I am on chapter 3 and I suggest this to program to EVERYONE that is married or getting married.

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