Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of course I want to be your Personal........

(Disclosure:  I do not think all men are pigs, but some men give all men a bad name.) 


I am pretty sure somewhere between 1991 and 2015 your intelligence level has dropped drastically, or a good portion of you have become slime - the kind of slime that belong on the bottom of the New York City sewer lines. 

For some reason the minute you openly admit that you are a single woman garbage starts showing up in your inbox - when I say garbage I mean messages from complete jerks!  

I have had everything from naked photos of unknown men to offers for marriage in my inbox.  Honestly, this is almost defeating and makes girls like me just want to give up on male gender - although I am completely hetrosexual.   

What happened to all the good guys?  Why do men stoop to these levels?  

When did you stop asking for first dates and moved right to asking for a sexual encounter?   

When did it become okay to tell a girl your wildest fantasies before you even hear her voice? We women know that you think about sex (a lot) and good for you, but we are not your personal porno that you can text at any time of day and expect us to comply to your most intimate wishes. 

Why is our bra size so important?  My brain is not inside my left or right breast - it is in my head, therefore the only thing you need to know is what my face looks likes. 

Why should the size of your "package" matter to me?  I am pretty sure that your package is not
going have an intelligent conversation with please keep those details to yourself!

Go home and make love to your wife!  If you are married and you have messaged me because your wife "just won't do the job"  - put your phone down, get off the couch and go to bed with her - I am sure she is a fabulous woman that craves your attention.  

Would you ask your mother or grandmother that question?   I am an open book; many people know that, however, I have always wondered would he ask his mother that question - or be okay with it if someone asked his daughter that question?????

Here is the deal gentlemen!  

While some women may be okay with talking to you about how you could "bend them over and....."  many of us women are NOT.  

Most of us women want someone to talk intelligently with, someone to go on picnics with, someone to watch a late night movie - knowing there is not expectations as to what happens after the movie. 

We want what our mothers, our grandmothers had - we want a real relationship that will last forever!  

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