Friday, March 6, 2015

Pinecrest Azalea Gardens, Oak Ridge MO

Pinecrest Azalea Gardens have been blooming up beauty since 1963, and as Mr. Smith, one of the ground’s caregivers explained there is three different seasons at Pinecrest.  Spring begins with the blooming of more than 300,000 Jonquils and Daffodils.  Followed by numerous Azaleas, and Rhododendrons spread throughout the grounds, the colors truly leave you in awe.

Pinecrest is open daily daylight hours only; the flowers begin blooming in late March through June, however, the grounds remain open and beautiful through summer.  The gardens are located on Torre Lane off County Road 472, for complete direction visit Pinecrest Azalea Garden’s website or call (573) 979-1112.  

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