Monday, February 10, 2014

Trapped by Winter in Missouri

I think we are on our 20ish snow day here, not sure I have lost count and I think it is best that I no longer count.

Winter has been harsh here in Bollinger County, Missouri.  I have maybe drove my vehicle 10 times since Christmas....sighhh!

We have had the most snow this year than I can remember in all my life, but the snow is not the issue, it is the ice.  It is amazing what a little bit of ice can do to the roads.

While I am sick of being trapped by winter, and am ready for some creek swimming, lake fishing, and bike riding...I have found some amazing beauty in winter.

The Boys and their Pal

Snow Skyline

The creek down the road. 

Our neighbors barn just before sunset

Perfectly decorated

Searching for food.

A slow walk home. 

Lake front housing.

Piled up. 

Floating Snow

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