Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello Single Mommahood!

So it is "official" okay technically not official, but it has been declared that I am on my way or well already living as a SINGLE Momma.   While this is no laughing matter, especially not to my kids and I, it is still something I have to live with.  Many people think that reality has not sunk in on me and that one day I will find myself weeping into my pillow worried about how I will survive.  I cannot guarantee I will never do that, but like many marriages, relationships, and life situations we see change coming and we embrace it.....I know many of you are shocked and I do apologize that it appeared we were the perfect family one day and giant mess the next.  I suppose we all deal with life in our own ways and my personal coping method has been to believe things will get better if I think they are better.....well that did not work!

This summer has been nothing, but interesting as we are dividing property, time, life, and still battling out the past.  However, no matter where you are in life you will find inspiration in something...mine does happen to be travel and ADVENTURE.   I have decided to create my BUCKET LIST of things I plan to do with my kids and create special memories between them and I.

- Take a LONG Bike Ride- I plan to take Lesse & D either to ride Tunnel Hill Trail or Katy Trail soon, so they can see that we can still have exciting adventures.

- Airplane Ride- Dillard badly wants to ride in an airplane..he cannot remember the last time he flew, so soon I want to take him on a short plane trip.

- Travel by train- I am going to travel by train somewhere with just the kids, give them that gift of excitement.

- Go Hiking- the one thing Dillard said when we talked about Daddy not being around all the time was Momma we can't walk in the woods....well that a crock of xxxx!  Momma can go hiking just the same, so I plan to go on a REAL woods hike with my little folks.

- Count the stars and stay up all night- I am stickler to bedtime rules, well organization, and reducing the chaos, but I have decided we have the need to count the stars and stay up as late as we can.

- Learn to use the BBQ Grill- motivated by my fellow single momma friend who mastered cooking steaks on her grill I too want to master that, so I can still enjoy some of our favorite foods.

These all seem like minor short details in life, but as I have said over and over it is really the little things in life that matter the most. 

I will leave you all today with a song that I accidentally downloaded and find uniquely inspiring....may you have a wonderful week and days full of adventures!

Video by:  Casting Crowns "Praise You In This Storm"


  1. This is a really great post that I think most single moms would appreciate. i think they often forget they can join in the fun outside while everyone gets exercise.
    I'm writing on behalf of the KEEN Recess Team. We inspire both kids and adults to take a break from daily routines and get outside, create their own playground. Our montra is to create a recess.
    Thank you for encouraging other families to take advantage of the great outdoors!

    KEEN Recess Team


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