Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pine Hills Drive-In Theatre in Piedmont Missouri

Today while soaking up the sun at the Cape Splash with a couple of my friends we were chatting about .
Pine Hills Drive-In Theatre  located in Piedmont Missouri
Last summer my family and I were staying in one of our favorite state parks (Sam A Baker) and we journeyed up the road to watch Toy Story 3 and while my kiddos had already seen Toy Story 3 a couple of times, but their reviews of the outside showing cracked me up. 

I remember as I laid my sleepy eyed D-man in bed at the cabin we were staying in he rolled over and exclaimed “mom Toy Story 3 is so much better OUTSIDE” and of course that made my night! Knowing that he had enjoyed it enough to wake up and tell me that he LOVED IT and he did! He can still tell me about sitting in the back of the truck with his puppy, his sissy, and daddy and watching Buzz and Woody on the big wall
ine Hill Drive-In Theatre is a must if you have never been to a drive-in before, it is an experience in my opinion everyone should have. This is a very affordable place to visit (less the gas money) entrance fees are $6 a person for 10 years and up and 10 and under are free. I think for our whole night of entertainment we spent like $20! They play a different every week you can check their online schedule, or they also have a newsletter you can sign up for, so you are informed of what great shows they are showing.

Take a late night drive and check out this neat little place, I just read on their site they are planning to show Cars 2 just in time for my birthday that is the place I need to visit for my BIG birthday!

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