Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mayfield Cultural Center in Marble Hill, Missouri

Probably one of the most exciting things to happen to Marble Hill, Missouri this past year is the opening of The Mayfield Cultural Center - the former Will Mayfield College. 

As long as I can remember this beautiful historic building sat empty overlooking the town of Marble Hill - sad, but true!

The Will Mayfield Cultural Center 
Well after months/years of labor work and efforts of locals and enthusiast - the Mayfield Cultural Center is now open - not as a college, but as something for everyone in the community. 

The Beautiful Dining Area. 
The center recently hosted a quilt show of local quilters, it is available to rent for weddings and such, and.....they opened their cafe this week!   

Well today, with my 7 year old in tow, I ventured up to The Mayfield Cultural Center to have lunch - and my excitement for this place to be open has now doubled.  

Talk about class, fine dining, but still a hometown atmosphere - they have it.  I felt comfortable eating their with D-man (my messy little boy), but I also felt like I had removed myself from one atmosphere and stepped into the finer way of life.  

D-man enjoying his BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Chips!
The cafe is perfect for all occasions - noon lunch with friends, family dinner, and for you romancers - this could even take an afternoon date!  

My lunch! Tuna and Chips. 

If you ask me - you must try the tomato salad - I could have made that my entire lunch!  Yum!  

The Mayfield Cultural Center is located at 209 Mayfield Drive, Marble Hill, Missouri - right beside the Bollinger County Natural History Museum, visit their Facebook page for current business hours and events.
If you are coming to Marble Hill to visit The Mayfield Cultural Center - here a few more places you might like to visit: 

Bollinger County Natural History Museum - next door to The Mayfield Cultural Center - full of history and dinosaur facts!  

Whippoorwill Lake  - Family camping, swimming, and much more!  Great atmosphere!  We highly suggesting stopping by.  

The Mustard Seed Boutique - located just down the street from the Bollinger County Natural History Museum - they are loaded gifts and they serve a pretty good lunch for a really good price. 

Holly's - Where to Find your Wear - shop until you drop at Holly's upscale consignment shop - one of our favorite stops in town!

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