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Whippoorwill Lake in Marble Hill, Missouri

(disclosure:  Whippoorwill Lake hosted me in return for a review - however, all thoughts and opinions are my own or my kids - my opinion cannot be bought)
Rustic Lake front Cabin at Whippoorwill Lake

We all have those vacations, adventures, or days that we start planning our return visit before we leave the destination. 

Normally for my kids it is a place that momma can never afford to take them again, or at least not over and over. 

We recently visited Whippoorwill Lake just outside of Marble Hill, Missouri - our hometown, very convenient - and as I hollered to gather up my little dears, this was the faces I got. 

Bren, my friend Jessie's little girl.

It is obvious after being there 3 hours they still were not ready to go!  They begged, they pleaded, they attempted to make deals, they were seriously not done having fun.  Their excuse - this place is so nice.

As soon as we buckled our seat belts they started to plan their return visit, and have since made a deal with me that we shall occupy Whippoorwill's beach at least once a week!

They were right, this place was so nice, and so nice for so many reasons and in so many ways.

Whippoorwill Lake is what you make it - rather it be a day escape, a weekend retreat, or a week long vacation - they can help you plan it.

Day Escapes -

Whippoorwill Lake offer swimming, fishing, small boating (they have boats for rent), picnic area, sand volleyball area, and if you watch their Facebook page they have events all the time. 

The area is clean and FAMILY FRIENDLY - let me say that again FAMILY FRIENDLY - the sign at the beach even says no vulgar language - which is good for this Momma as my 6 year old tends to repeat every dirty word he can.  

The lake area has a nice beach, with a giant shade tree - this beats sitting in hot sand -  they have a nice slide and a huge dock for kids to play on.   Note Moms and Dads - this will cause your kids to sleep well at night.

The grounds at Whippoorwill Lake is very very clean - when I say very very, I mean I NEVER saw one piece of trash on the ground, that is unusual for a place that welcomes visitors.

Weekend Retreat -

So because I am nosy and I am a local blogger I hunted down the owner of Whippoorwill Lake and insisted that he let me have a tour of the grounds - he happily obliged.   After meeting Daniel - the owner of Whippoorwill Lake, the cleanliness and family friendly area all made sense - this guy really cares about family, and his park.

With all that said, his attitude is what makes Whippoorwill Lake perfect for a weekend retreat, he has taken so much pride in his park, and added so many of those little touches that it makes it perfect for a weekend get away.

I first visited the Western Rooms - now I am not sure how long these rooms have been available at the park, but I can tell you that they are kept up to tip top shape.  The rooms are clean, they are fresh, oh and they have BATHROOMS in them!  In case you didn't notice that excites me a lot.  I would compare the rooms to a rustic hotel room as they are still located in the woods and you get that fresh air.

Next I stopped off at one of the lake front cabins - these cabins do not have bathrooms, but they are still very nice and the bathrooms are a short walk from the cabin.  What sold me on these cabins, is can you imagine sipping your morning coffee to this view???? 

 The view very well might be worth giving up the bathroom facility!!  The cabins are cutely decorated and very clean. 

When I think weekend retreat, I typically think relaxation, and I am sure you are wondering with everything else I listed in the day visits, how can you relax with that much noise?  Well that is what surprised me, yes you can hear children laughing, you can see people fishing or taking boat rides, but you could still hear the birds chirping - they really do keep this place quiet, family friendly, and clean.

Week Vacations -  

Now why would you drive to the boondocks down a winding road for a week long vacation - no it is not because you are crazy, it is because you want a good vacation. 

Marble Hill, Missouri is not known for being a super huge town (I know I live here), however, it is possible to make a full weeks vacation here with the help of Whippoorwill Lake.

Whippoorwill Lake has your outdoor activities covered, but if you have kids like mine they are constantly wanting more to do, fun things that is, not chores.

Here is a list of things in the area that are my kid tested and approved. 

Bollinger County Natural History Museum - perfect for an afternoon of exploring the home of the Missouri Dinosaur, the kid friendly area is perfect for the little ones, and you may even learn a bit of Civil War History while you are there.

The Mayfield Cultural Center - Next door to the Bollinger County Natural History Museum sits The Mayfield Cultural Center.  The center offers a lunch menu, events, and history - visit their Facebook page for more information.

Bollinger County Library - on Wednesday they have Story Hour with Ms Pattie - she is local icon I swear.   I tell people all the time that she must have a degree in how to handle wild kids - the library has a large book selection and a nice kids area. 

Bollinger County Farmers Market - Fresh Locally produce and products - the market is only open on Saturday Mornings, but is full fun and yummy stuff!

Jays BBQ - This place is a local legend, I do suggest packing your stretchy pants, because their pulled pork sandwich is big enough to feed 2 - that is how I do it.

Jers of Marble Hill - home of the Mile High Pie and the best coffee in town.  I am fond of their breakfast food, my daughter says they have the best Alfredo she can find.

Duck Creek Conservation Area - I know I said Whippoorwill Lake has your outdoor activities covered, however, Duck Creek is just a short drive they have great fishing, a nice flat area to ride bikes, and a lot of unique animals.   From Duck Creek if you want to drive a little farther, you will find Mingo National Wildlife Refugee, another must stop for outdoor lovers.

Bill Peters Hardware - Bill laughed out loud when I told him his store might as well be a tourist attraction, if you ever meet Bill he is serious about his business, however, his store carries everything from quilting supplies to toilet supplies - and everything in between including every piece of fishing gear you will ever need.

Patton Lawnmower Races - again a bit of a drive from Whippoorwill Lake, maybe 45 minutes, but while you are in the area worth catching a show.  The Patton Lawnmower Races is great for little boys and girls of all ages - okay big boys really love it!  Great Show and very Family Friendly!

Whippoorwill Lake offers a variety of lodging options in a peaceful environment.  They have tent camping, Full Hook Up area for RVs and Campers, they have rustic cabins, and the Western Rooms available to rent.   They offer day rates, weekend rates, weekly rates, and a year lease - visit their website for more details.

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