Friday, May 2, 2014

Why I went to Disney World without my Kids.

(Disclosure: Parts of my trip are being sponsored, however, my thoughts and opinions are my own....I cannot be bought.)

So if you follow me on any of the social networks by now you realize that I am in Disney World any my kids
are not.

I know this sounds like a terrible awful thing to do as a parent, but I assure you I had my kid's best interest at heart....and I miss them like crazy already!

Ironically at the age of 31 I had never been to Disney World until today and I have only seen a tiny tiny section of it, so to me this place is very overwhelming - especially in comparison to our 2 lane roads and cattle crossings.

When I first knew that I would be coming to Disney World for our TravelingMom's annual conference I had contemplated bringing my kids, then I started to think, panic, rethink, and changed my mind.

Disney World is HUGE - When I say huge, the Disney's Boardwalk Resort that I am staying at is probably almost the same size as my hometown.  I knew after looking at the agenda, this would be an overwhelming and too fast of a trip to bring the little ones along.

I am unfamiliar with Disney World - as I said before I have never been before, so I made the decision to come alone get familiar and I will return another time with kids in tow!

They are in School - as much as I believe travel is education, i also believe school is education.  While they would have loved to ditch school for 2 days and have fun, I felt after missing 30+ days this winter it was good for them to go to school.

Disney is for Adults too - I am amazed at the amount of activities there are here for adults.  I at first believed it was all about Mickey Mouse and kids stuff, wrong they serve margaritas on the Boardwalk, you can take boat rides across the lake, and so much more.

Sometimes I just need to travel alone - I miss my kids a lot, in fact it was hard to pull away from my son's sweet little face this morning as I told him goodbye, but sometimes Momma needs to work.  I am working this week, I know it does not sound like work to many, but my blog is my business.  Sometimes I have to work at it alone and this week was one of them.

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  1. I'd visit Disney World without the kids in a heartbeat. Then again, I'd like to visit the grocery store without them too. :)


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