Sunday, August 19, 2018

Parenting is Exhausting. End of Story.

Many years ago, okay not many, but at least fifteen years ago people would tell me with time it will get easier. She will sleep more, you will have a routine, and you will catch up on sleep.

Those people are liars! 

Fifteen years ago, I was young and I had energy, but then she was born and I never slept again.   I remember all the experienced moms telling me with time you will have a routine and you will catch up on that sleep you were missing. 

Last night I laid in bed and listened to all the chatter happening in the room below me.  I stared at my ceiling and recounted all those people that are LIARS.  Yesterday, I was up at 6 am for one of her "events" and my head finally found my pillow again around 11pm.  

Yes as infants you have to feed, water and change them all hours of the nights.  However, at teenage years you have to chase them, fund them, and they talk back at all hours of the night.  

So to you new moms out there, I will not lie to you.  You will never catch up on your sleep.  Ever!   The days will be long, the nights will be short, and if you ever think you will have money again - HAH!  Good Luck!  

****Disclosure "haters are gonna be haters, if you think that I am complaining about parenting, you are wrong and have landed on the wrong blog.  I am just being honest"  

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