Saturday, May 14, 2016

Being Bridezilla is NOT Normal...

This past week my daughter and I were chatting about our wedding....she curiously asked "Mom, why were you not Bridezilla?"  She apparently learned this mocking term from some movie.  

I can happily admit that I was not Bridezilla - not one moment - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our wedding and the moments up to it. 

Photo by Elizabeth Rae Photography
From the moment Trey asked me to marry him, I prayed that God use my marriage to do his work - including my wedding.  

I prayed "God, make this day and my marriage about you and not about me"

I never complained about the stress of getting married, because I was not stressed. 

I never freaked out, because there was nothing I feared. 

I never worried about who would be there or who would not be there. 

I never wanted my wedding to be a show, I wanted it to be a testimony for God's love. 

We dream for years about finding "Happy Ever After" but finding that happiness does not come from the perfect wedding, the best dress, the number of people in attendance, or the size of the production.  

It comes from making a commitment to work with another person, for God.  

I think back to our wedding day (yes it was only a few weeks ago) and I remember not wanting to eat at my reception, I just wanted to sit and watch all the beautiful people God brought together to rejoice his masterful plan.

I remember thinking; I don't want this night to end, I want to hug everyone, love everyone, watch everyone eat those yummy cupcakes, and laugh with them out of pure joy.  

I often question the hearts of those "Bridezilla" brides- if your wedding is stressful, what will your marriage be like?

Marriage may be hard, but it is a lot harder if you are marrying for the wrong reasons! 

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