Monday, April 20, 2015

Clearwater Beach Florida - $250 I will never regret spending!

Holy moly, mom shut down her life, spent $250 on a small hotel room, and went incognito for a vacation.,

Yep those were the words of my kids!  It was a little hard to believe this, but it totally happened.

One of the side affects of being Budget TravelingMom for is; when we travel a lot of people know who we are - which is not bad, but sometimes you just want to VACATION!!!!!!

So on our way back from Disney World this week, Jesse and I decided we would splurge on a hotel and go to Clearwater working, just pure pleasure, laughter, and fun!

So technically you could say that I Budget Traveling Mom took a NIGHT OFF and spent the evening being incognito.

I rented my own room in Clearwater Florida, walked my own happy butt to the beach, and only took pictures of things that I wanted to see - and guess what, it was WORTH every penny I spent.

Here is what my night off looked like:


Miss A with matching goggles, bucket, and floaty! 

Place to stretch my legs!

A Sailboat!  

I never get tired of watching them play! 

Ocean Selfie - yes my camera went in the water! 

Happy Workers

There is work to be done!

Wet Sand and Water work best! 

Wow!  What was that????

Spectacular View

More Building!

The 4 Best Beach Bums that ever visited Clearwater Florida 

Have you ever just splurged for an outrageous hotel room and completely took the night off?????

(Disclosure:  While my trip was not sponsored - my camera was gifted to me last year in return for a review - all photos were shot with my Panasonic ZX40 and are not edited

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