Monday, October 13, 2014

Exotic Jerky from Jerky Dynasty

"Mom, what does Kangaroo Jerky taste like?  I didn't know you could eat kangaroo?"  Those were the words of D-man as we dug through our box of jerky from Jerky Dynasty.

A few weeks ago - in the middle some chatter on Twitter a company called Jerky Dynasty asked if they could ship us some Buffalo Bob's Jerky - I am a smart woman, with males in my house, I never turn down food.

As we opened the box, I heard squeals of delight and disgust - they had sent us everything from buffalo jerky to ostrich jerky - things we had never imagined eating.
At first the little ones (Lesse and D) went for the "known" foods - venison jerky, elk, stuff that they trusted.   Then Momma opened some alligator jerky - from there it was all downhill - or down the hatch to the tummy.

We happily devoured some kangaroo jerky, wild boar jerky, and pheasant stick.  I heard no complaints and they even asked where I had scored these interesting treats.

We finished off the case of jerky within the weekend - every flavor was loved - EXCEPT the Cajun seasoned jerky.  We all agreed the Cajun seasoning was a bit too peppery for us and decided to send the last stick off for someone else to try - we never heard their thoughts.

My favorite did happen to be the Ostrich Jerky - along with alligator and wild boar.....the kids all liked the venison and elk, or at least that is what they said.

Jerky Dynasty sells a full line of jerky, spices, sausages - pretty much anything you can think of along the lines of manly/meat snacks - note these would make awesome stocking stuffers!

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