Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Filtering Myself is not always Best

Over the past two years I have found myself filtered, afraid to say how I feel, especially since moving back to my hometown - I have began to see me and my children conforming to things that we do not believe in.

This leaves me torn up inside a little, a little on edge, and most certainly sad.   

I know that I am a beautiful person, not that I am vein, but I know the true meaning of beauty has nothing to do with looks - it has everything to do with what kind of person you are.

I believe life is beautiful and there is a deeper meaning to life than just working, surviving, and being here on Earth!

I believe we are here to serve others, to love freely, to live openly, to achieve great things, and to sometimes feel failure.  Life may not be easy, but life is beautiful - I promise.

Today I am challenging myself to sit down and write a few post a week to myself, but publicly, to remind myself who I am and the life I CHOOSE to live, not the life everyone pushes me to live.

Today I saw this on Facebook (can't remember which friend posted it). 

It made me think and think hard. Often the five people I am around the most have seen great struggles in life and blame life for their struggles.   I do not wish to abandon those people, but I need to be cautious as I will soon conform to their sadness and unhappiness about life.

I have always felt that I had a zest for life - I want to hold true to that and pass that zest onto others!  

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