Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am FAT...

Yesterday, a person thought it was necessary to tell my boyfriend I am FAT.  Newsflash, he sees me
everyday, we do each others laundry, I sort of suspect he knows what I look like. 

Here is how I feel about it:

  • I really could give a rats axx what you think about me, but I do wonder if you call me fat, who else would you call fat?  Being rude, mean, and hateful is contagious, what are you teaching your children?....so many concerns here.
  • The average size of American women is a size 14-16, I checked my pants size a minute ago, and I still wear a size 14-16.  I will admit they are snugger than when I first moved to Bollinger County, but I also moved 35 miles away from my gym and do not have the equipment I need to workout daily. 
  • I did not get this size by eating too much!  Sorry to disappoint you, I do not gorge out at meals, unless it is fruit and veggies (my favorite foods).  My family has hereditary traits that are passed down, therefore, I struggle with losing weight.   This does not make me a bad person! 
  • Rather I weigh 120 pounds or 220 pounds, I suspect you would find flaws in me.  This also makes me think that you have issues within yourself you need to deal with. 
  • I am beautiful, or at least the last 5 or 6 guys that have asked me out on dates (but I declined, unlike some...hmm) have told me I am beautiful.  I suspect beauty comes from the inside, not what you apply to your face or the size of you butt.
  •  I did not lose sleep last night over what you said.  In fact I was cozily tucked into bed and was only awakened by my sweet sick little boy.  I wonder if you can say the same.  
  •  I will never rock a bikini.  Even if I lost the ton of weight you say I need to, I would still not rock a bikini. I have a scar on my belly from where I stupidly got my belly button pierced prior to getting pregnant....it is not so pretty! 
  •  I could probably out run you...I love to run, I love run all the negative energy out.  You should probably try this, it may be good for those FAT feelings you have.
  • I bet if you log onto my blog and read this, you probably are either extremely furious and will blow your mouth mouth, or will feel like a complete fool for saying things you shouldn't have....personally I hope you silently feel like a fool and LEAVE ME ALONE.   

Calling someone FAT is a form of bullying, it does not make them want to hop up and lose all their extra pounds.  It often causes them to eat more or withdraw from society.   I have a huge level of confidence,  in I fact laughed when I was told what you said.  I thought how "small" of her to bring my weight up as an issue!

I have NO tolerance for someone that uses bullying to get what they want.  It is childish, irresponsible, and disrespectful.  I am after all a 31 year old God fearing woman that has BETTER things to do than worry about what you think of me.

Have a Nice Day....I will be spending mine sitting on my FAT Axx nursing my sick son back to health!


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