Monday, October 14, 2013

Going Crazy on Gone Girl Set in Cape Girardeau, MO

In case you did not know, they are filming a movie in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  In fact Ben Affleck is in town. 

I am not sure how you could miss it, I mean my Facebook feed is full of #GoneGirl news.  People I have never seen use a #hashtag before, now proudly drops the #GoneGirl EVERYWHERE.

Last Friday night, my gal pal and I decided we would see what all the fuss was about and headed Downtown Cape Girardeau....for the record we did see Ben Affleck on set!  I was a total of about 150 yards from my close encounter to fame.

First I will say, I think the filming of Gone Girl is great for the City of Cape Girardeau, but I have to share how #GoneGirl Crazy people are.  

As I stood amongst the crowd of about 150 people, one mom confessed that her family's Friday night
That TINY BLACK SPOT is Ben Affleck walking!  Hah!
entertainment for the past 3 weeks, has been watching for Ben Affleck.  She later stated they were kicked out the week before, for being too noisy.  #gonecrazy.

The nice looking and rather humorous Cape Girardeau Police Officer informed the crowd he not only loved Ben Affleck, he was the president of the Ben Affleck Fan Club.  I am sure after 3 weeks of filming he could care a less who Ben Affleck is and would really just love to spend some time away from screaming women!   Truth is, I thought the cop was CUTER than Ben Affleck anyways!

I saw people sitting out there in camping chairs, some had packed their dinner, some were placing bets where Ben Affleck was or will be.  I could hear play by play....or what others thought the play by play moves was.

As I was leaving, someone asked would I be back to watch the filming? No, I will just rent the movie when it comes out, see if I can recognize Cape Girardeau...

For now I am #GoneCrazy from #GoneGirl :-) 

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