Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boys are Messy, Unorganized, and Loud

After two days of hugging china (either puking or it coming out the other end) I awake this morning to
garbage on my table, dishes piled everywhere, and clothes in my living room.

I want to be furious, I want to scream and yell, and I want everyone that had a part in this to feel extrememly guilty.

I drag one of the culprits out of the bed to finish the task he was assigned last night, I listen to him beat, bang, and sigh loudly.  He manages to finish his chores from last night, polish off the last of his breakfast, and stomp out the door to school furious with me.

I now sit here alone, wiping tears from my eyes, knowing that he thinks I am the bad person.....

He can't see that I only want him to grow up responsible, grow up knowing how to finish the job, grow up giving the best he can everywhere he goes....

Then I also think maybe I am a little hard on the boys of the house, I do treasure the days that it is just Lesse and I.  She neatly puts her clothes away, she cleans the dishes with elegance, and she organizes EVERYTHING......

I often forget boys are messy, they are loud, they are dirt magnets.....They ARE BOYS!

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