Monday, August 26, 2013

An hour for me....

Kicking this mid day #workout!  #ughh!  I am s...
Kicking this mid day #workout! #ughh! I am so out routine! via beckydavenport
Starting today, just after my little dears (monsters) depart for school, I am turning off my computer, turning down my phone, and taking an ONE hour just for me.  

I have gotten out of the habit of making time for my physical (exercise) needs and slowly I can tell it (jeans are getting snug).  Lately, I have been attempting to crunch in workouts during the day between laundry, business call, and juggling a full household.  

This morning as I cooked breakfast I remembered I need this, I must do this, I have to feel healthy for my here it is!  

If you call and I do not answer this is why, if you text and it takes me an hour to text you back this is why.....I am signing off for an hour (or so) and will be back shortly!  

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