Saturday, August 24, 2013

Castor River Ranch in Marquand, MO

Today my Gal Pal Jessie, our 4 (combined numbers), and I all headed up DD highway, crossed the Madison County Line and a pure FUN filled day at Castor River Ranch Campground.

Our Little Floaters :-) 

I have traveled all over the place and when traveling with kids there is one thing I alway hope for and that is a CLEAN place for them to PLAY.  

Castor River Ranch is clean, and even better they provided chairs for us Momma's to sit back and relax in while our Little Dears (Monsters) floated around and enjoyed the cool water.  

D-man stole my chair
Castor River Ranch is located just outside of Marquand, MO on highway DD.  The ranch is full-hookup RV Campground (including septic), they offer Canoe & Kayak Rentals, or you can just load up the gang and head out for an afternoon swim on a clean and maintained beach area.   

For full details and pricing call them at 573-783-4061 of visit them on their Facebook Page


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