Thursday, March 7, 2013

Facebook Revamps News Feed…..WHO CARES?

I have read about a billion plus post today talking about Facebook changes….Facebook does this; Facebook does that, Facebook….blah blah blah. 

By the time, all the post went up by USA Today, Fox, and every other social media expert, Facebook was already planning changes again. 

According to USA Today they quoted Mark Zuckerberg saying “We want to give the world the best personalized newspaper that we can”.  Well there you got it folks; you just learned what Facebook is truly meant to be.  

I am not an expert on Facebook, but I am a social media junkie, I probably check my social networks fifteen times a day.  Every day I see dozens of post, some humor me, some annoy me, and some well I really want to ask WHY THE HECK DID YOU JUST POST THIS?????
People ask me daily what is my best advice for Facebook.  I really cannot give them what the best tips are for them, but I can tell you what has worked for me.

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Be HUMBLE – Have a piece of Facebook Humble Pie!  Seriously, who wants to see you constantly bragging about your success?  Are you that successful?  I cannot stand it when I see a business put their statistics up….really we can see how many people like your page and is commenting on your status! 

Be REAL – Computers are not reading your status.  If you want to reach, real people then talk to them as if they are real people!  Hello, how are you doing?  I am so glad you landed on my page, now what can I help you with and please do come back….well that is a good way to make them feel!

Have some HUMOR – I have seen some boring post…I often wonder if people are sleeping when they post.  I am known for crazy photos, often my tongue hanging out, or talking about the crazy things my kids do.  People find humor in my silliness, they connect with how I feel, and well they get a FREE LAUGH! 

Put OTHERS First – I cannot believe how many people forget to RESHARE, COMMENT, and LIKE other people’s post, but do not do it themselves!  Today, a fellow writer Procrastinating Mommy shared my latest Missouri Traveling Mom post; she had no reason to share that, except that she is kind!  Shout out to her, I appreciate the extra traffic and will return the favor! 

Be YOURSELF – Have you ever seen that person in public that you think looks somewhat familiar, but cannot place them….then you realize they are your Facebook friend, but look very different.  Yes, people are faking Facebook as if they are a dating website.  To each their own, I guess, but if you are using Facebook for social media gain, then you need to put yourself out there.
KNOW your TARGET AUDIENCE – This is the biggest fail of social media users, they do not know their target audience.  The number of likes or friends really means nothing if all those likes and friends are not your target audience.  I write about travel, family, and how crazy my kids are, therefore, I would not target young college kids or better yet college boys (although several like my page and I have no clue why).  Know who you want to reach and engage those that are similar you to you, and remember to talk on the same level as that target audience. 

Well here is my Facebook lesson for now Folks!

Have an Adventurous Day!


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