Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Next Big Adventure….We are going to be FARMERS!

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While life takes a spin and we have been on some wild spins….the kids and I are excited to announce we moving to be FARMERS, or that is what D-man has announced. 

It is true, however, we are moving back home to my parents’ farm!  The excitement is bursting in our house as the kids are eagerly packing for the move.  Go figure they would be excited to get spoiled by their PaPa, and I am excited to return to my roots and start a fresh life!  

We have summer plans for many adventures, farming, gardening, and a bit of creek swimming!  We will keep you all posted on our adventures and we appreciate all the prayers and support we have received! 


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  1. How wonderful to return to your roots! What kind of farm ... dairy? Best of luck to you Becky!

    1. It is a Beef Cattle Farm, but Dad also has chickens and we are planning a huge garden. I know it will be fun and a blessing for the kiddos! :-)

  2. My grandparents had cattle and chickens on their farm - I so wish it was still there so my kids could experience it. I have some great memories of playing in the barn, milking cows, and yes, even swimming in the creek! :)


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