Saturday, August 20, 2011

Road Tripping to Marquand MO

While it was a close to home “mini” road trip this road trip was full of laughs and fun!  My gal pal Amy and I hit the back roads last night and headed to Marquand, Missouri for dinner, a murder, and a mystery! 
When we rolled into town we decided we document our entire trip just for kicks and grins.  We were a bit bewildered by the caution flags on the city sign we soon decided the flags are there to CAUTION you of all the FUN to be had in this little town.  Since, this was not my first visit to Marquand I decided I would give Amy a bit of a “mini” tour of Marquand.  Amy just like me was amazed that this town could possibly have this much stuff to do on a Friday night and not be flooded with guest….we then had the tough decision on rather we should tell everyone what they are missing or keep it our own little secret.
 Of course, on our “mini” tour of Marquand we stopped off at Durso Hills Bistro & Winery to sample some of their fabulous wine and met the locals.  Durso Hills Bistro & Winery is the perfect place to hang out with your gal pals and catch up on the gossip, a great place to escape with that special someone, or would even be a great place to have dinner as a family.  We decided we would give them two thumbs up for being so diversified!

Read more about this road trip and exciting details of another great show coming to Homan Hall at Click Here to read the rest of the story

see photos from the event at Photos From Marquand's Murder Mystery


***Our tickets to Marquand's Murder Mystery show was provided to us by Homan Hall and Performing Arts Center.  A big thank you to them for allowing us to road trip to Marquand.

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