Friday, August 19, 2011

Wayne County Fair, Silva MO

Don’t we all love small town events that support the local community and the local youth….I know I do!  It is has been approximately fifty years since Wayne County Missouri has had a fair to call its own and then Robert and Gayle Wilson with the help of community around them bought the fair back to Wayne County. 
Gayle and Robert Wilson relocated to Wayne County eight years ago from Madison County where their daughters participated in 4-H.  They did not give up their passion for 4-H after relocating to Wayne County; to me it sounds as if their passion only got stronger.  Gayle says that 4-H is so much more than just livestock; 4-H offers programs such as cake decorating, arts and crafts, scrap-booking, clothing, food preservation, blacksmithing, shooting sports, and list goes on.  The Wilsons are dedicated to keeping these programs in Wayne County and working hard at it.  

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