Friday, January 21, 2011 you have never seen before

Sorry to say I have no photos to share of this, the artist request that you do not photograph his work. However I have provided websites below so you can take a sneak peak of his work.
This is a Lego artist that is on display at Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus. This is absolutely amazing, I never would have dreamed of building a dinosaur out of legos. This may not be something to take little bitty ones to as you cannot touch the exhibits. I did take Dillard who is 3 he was amazed but I kept a very close eye that he not touch, it was tempting. Celesse on the other hand loved the display I think she could have stayed there for hours looking at all the stuff and how they were built. They do have legos set up in the foyer to play with and we spent a lot of time playing with them.

If you have never been to the River Campus, please go they have a great display of Southeast Missouri's history there. Dillard was very intrigued by all the different boat models on display. I think he has a sailor's could be in his blood his Great Grandpa was a riverboat captain.
Here are the links to the museum as well as to artist's website. By the way it is FREE, but the hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday and Sunday 1-4.

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