Thursday, January 19, 2023

Responsible for Sunflowers?

Today, an elderly couple walked into our shop, and we started chatting about what was here and what is here now in our little town.  So many things have changed over the years.  The Dime Store, Wallis Family Store, Ricketts Boot Store, Chandler Drug Store, Barkers Furniture Store, ect..  Names of the past, but not forgotten.  We established kinship.  Who she knew that I was related to and who I knew that she was related to.  This is normal in a small business.  

As our conversation continued, she looked straight at me and said, “are you the lady responsible” and I stopped her, I said, “mam, I am not responsible.”  She laughed and said, “I am not here to complain, I was going to say the sunflowers during the summer.”  

I sighed a huge relief; she loved the sunflowers.  They brought her joy. Her husband quickly chimed in and told me he is “forced” to drive by them daily while they are in bloom.  

Being responsible is a hard thing. When you are responsible you usually carry a heavier load. You are the one that feels the force of what everyone is feeling - good or bad.   People feel you can deal better, handle more, and take their load with your load. 

I personally hate being responsible.  I often dream of less responsible days.  

Days when I danced in the streets. 

Days when I ran in the rain. 

Days when I was carefree.  

But then who would be responsible for the sunflowers?  

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