Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stop, Think, Don’t Trash My Community

As I took a stroll through Twin City Park this past Saturday afternoon with my young son I was greeted with some creative sidewalk chalk art; just not the kind of art I wanted my child to see.  Someone had kindly drawn a version of a male body part and wrote some not so nice words on the side of the public restroom in the city park – ya know the place where families go to play.

Daily as a community leader I hear, there is nothing to do in this community, why can’t we have more nice things…., you all need to clean this place up!  Yes, we do!  However, so do you! And you need to quit destroying what we do have! 

Ya see, our community really is a beautiful community full of beautiful people, beautiful sights, and oh do have some people that know to cook!  And then…. we have the not so nice creative artist that like to destruct our community, leave their ugly mark on the side of public places, and then complain about “we got nothing nice here”. 

So, to those artists that want to destruct instead of construct, I challenge you to meet me in the park and do some real art – the kind of art that good for everyone.  

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