Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Marble Hill - love it or leave it

 (this editorial was originally featured in The Banner Press, please support our local paper) 

In recent days there has been a bit of smack talking on the ol' Facebook about the community of
Marble Hill.  Sigh.  In fact, the smack talk was downright disgusting; pointing out names, businesses, and community leaders with accusations that unprovable and distasteful.  

For once, my name did not make that list (I think), but I know some that did.  Either way, the slander and rude remarks were uncalled for and disrespectful not only to the ones mentioned but to our community. 

We are a small town, ya know the place that everyone knows everyone, and knows everyone’s business.  Rumors often spread quickly - unless it is good news, then ya can’t even get a few Facebook likes.  

As I stood waiting for one of my kids at one of their events, someone asked “did you see that page, do you know who did it” and I replied “someone who needs to move away from Marble Hill” - yep I said it!  If you hate our town so much that you can’t see all the good, you need to move away!  

Over the past year, there has been a real community togetherness, people working with people for the greater good.  Granted we may not be moving thousands of people to our town or opening giant businesses, but we are chipping away one brick at a time to a new tomorrow.  

To the people that put in the amount of effort to create profiles, post on websites, and begin long forums regarding how awful our town is, I challenge you to invest your time, talent, and effort to a new tomorrow. 

There are dozens of small groups, organizations, churches, 4 area schools, and your next door neighbor that are begging you for help.  

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