Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Saw Cows and God Today!

If you ever wondered if there is a God, I can tell you I saw God today!  

There is absolutely no earthly reason I survived my early morning collide with a herd of cattle today!  

Yesterday morning on my Facebook I posted this....

I had no clue how true it would be for my life or my day.  

Just a few miles from my house this morning, on a pitch dark road, a herd of black cows decided to cross the road.  However, they forgot to wear their reflective gear, leaving me very little (or no) time to stop!  

All I could think was "this is gonna hurt". 

It was almost like slow motion playing through my head as I watched the 1200 pound cow roll on the hood of my car, then onto my windshield - I watched the windshield come towards me then it was almost like it lifted back up and the cow rolled onto the hood of my car.    

That cow could have landed in lap - which would have done significant damage to my body.

I crawled out of my 2014 Chevrolet Cruze - called 911 myself - and walked away with a few bruises and sore muscles.   That's a GOD thing.

The highway patrolman that came to the accident said "I am amazed we are not taking you by ambulance or helicopter" Folks that is a God Thing!  

All I can do today is praise him!  My car is a loss (most likely) but my life is still shining!  

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts today!  I have so many great people in my life! 

The Inside of my car: 

The View up close where the cow landed:  

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