Monday, May 5, 2014

How to share my Instagram Photos to my Facebook Business Page

Okay Friends, Instagram has made our lives easier!  They allow you to share your photos to your Facebook Business Page.   
This makes it easier for those who follow you to see your amazing Instagram Photos.  
Here is the steps to change your share settings on Instagram.  Yes, I used my own account on here, so you get to see my stunning (sarcasm) face.  

Step 1:  Go into your Instagram account and you see the gear looking circle to the right, click that.  

Step 2.  You will be taking to this page, you need to go to the share settings and click that. 

Step 3.  You will then be taken to this page, you will want to click Facebook, as we are working with Facebook Pages.  

Step 4.  It will take you to this screen, if you have not already authorized Instagram to access Facebook, it will send you over to Facebook and a box will pop up asking you for permission to access, you simply click yes.  

Once that is granted, then you need to click share to.  

Step 5.   Choose where you share to, as you can see it list all the pages I have admin over (far too many).  Choose the one you would like to share to, then exit back out of this and you will be good to go.  

For more Instagram tips read my How become an Instagram Rock Star.  

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