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Sexy Missouri Vacations you will not want to miss.

Aptly named "Rocky Falls"
 "Rocky Falls" in the Missouri Ozarks
 (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)
(Disclosure, some of these destinations have sponsored me in the past, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own) 

A few weeks ago I was casually chatting with a friend about upcoming vacations, their exact comment was "I want a sexy vacation".  The whole time she is talking about laying on the beach in Hawaii or jetting off to Jamaica for that dream vacation, I was thinking about how awful I would look in a swimsuit next to those vacation ready bodies I see on the me there is nothing sex about that.

After listening for a while, I had to ask "what sexy about looking at all those fake tanned vacationers" I know not everyone on vacation at those destinations look like the people on the commercials, but that is what they market themselves to

My friend went on to tell me it had nothing to do about what we look like; it is about living the dream, feeling like you are some where else, and leaving your every day life behind.

I nearly fell over when she told this....I turned to my friend and asked her have you ever seen Pickle Springs in Missouri, have you ever hiked the Missouri Ozarks, have you sipped wine while overlooking the rolling hills of the Chaumette Valley.....well of course she hadn't.  In her head we have to leave Missouri to have a fabulous time.

You can have a sexy carefree vacation in Missouri, how do I know?  I have one at least once a month, sometimes with my kids in tow.

Sexy Missouri Vacations you will not want to miss:

Stroll along the brick-paved streets of Missouri's oldest and largest historic district known as St. Charles, Missouri.  I could go in depth about the history of St. Charles, which in my head is sexy, but I know not everyone gets as excited as me about history.  Anyways, picture yourself walking and in hand with whoever you want to have on sexy vacation, sipping wine while staring down a brick-paved street. What about a picnic at the edge of the Mississippi River?
Now the hottest part about St Charles Missouri is all the cute and historical  Bed and Breakfast's.  Folks women dream of being whisked off our feet, allowing someone else to cater to us, and what better way than a B&B in a historical town.....I dare you to try it!  If you are wondering?  I did, I have been there!

Get lost in Missouri's wilderness!  Every time I think of the Missouri Ozarks the theme song from Tarzan plays through my head.  Oh how I dream of hiking through the wilderness, being amazed by the beauty that surrounds us, and getting lost beyond my imagination.  No you do not have to go to the Amazon, to have a hot outdoors vacation....seriously!  The Missouri Ozarks is full of hiking trails, river rafting (yes you can see some rapids in Missouri), unusual animals, and eye popping scenery.
If I was going to plan my perfect sexy Missouri Ozarks Vacation I would head to Eminence, Missouri.  The area is full of natural springs, waterfalls, caves, history, and beautiful scenery.  You could spend days backpacking through the area, dining among the locals, catch a glimpse of the Missouri's Wild Horses, and much more.

English: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Get sexy in the city!   It is a tough decision which city is sexier, seriously!  I absolutely love the Downtown St Louis, but I have to say Columbia, Missouri and Jefferson City, Missouri are pretty hot also!   I love St Louis' historical downtown area with the view of The St Louis Arch, I can imagine sipping wine, picnicking with that spectacular view, and taking a romantic stroll through the park.   However, Columbia Missouri almost has them beat with their fantastic art district and hip Shakespeare Pizza, you must also remember that Columbia, Missouri is a college town leaving the area full of sports and some hip clubs.
I am pretty sure that no one would think of our Capitol as sexy, but Jefferson City is more than just about making laws and history.  You will find history, fine dining, and lustful beauty at every turn......maybe you should just visit all three.   All three of these cities have amazing spas, dozens of fine dining choices, and upscale hotels that will make you feel like you have left the country.....I will throw in many of the historical stops and art museums are FREE leaving you extra money to spend on the finer things of life!

Wine and Dine in Missouri's Wine Country!  In the past there was a small region known for Missouri Wine, now with our perfect climate (I say that sarcasm) Missouri's Wine County has spread through out the state. I have visited wineries from St James, Missouri to Commerce, Missouri and all between.   Missouri's wineries are beautiful, and while sarcastically said our perfect weather, Missouri's spring and fall is gorgeous.  Remember many wineries are neighbors with Bed and Breakfasts or Inns, for example nestled in the tiny town of Marquand, Missouri sits a lovely winery, surrounded by two gorgeous B&B's and in driving distance sit several more wineries, museums, and historical landmarks.

Having a "sexy" vacation does not mean you have to travel thousands of miles away, or spend tons of money, it means you have to escape reality and do something different.

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