Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Middle Schooler - We Don't Date

The talk of our house is who is dating who, only we are not talking about adults, teenagers, or anyone over the age of 16.  We are talking about 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders!  What????

I am the weird mom in the school, when I made a strict rule that WE DON"T DATE!  End of story!

I was raised a little old fashion, my first date I was 15 and it was supervised by my brother and his posse of friends....needless to say I didn't even hold hands with the dude!

Daily I hear how weird I am, how so and so is dating this girl, and this girl broke up with this boy and honestly I just sighh!

My first question is "How do they date"....they cannot drive!

My second question is "Where in world are their parents?"  Do parents think it is okay for kid's brains to be cluttered about relationships this young?  If they do think it is okay, what in the world are they thinking....12 year olds CAN get pregnant, I have personally known some very young mothers...this is not a road you want to take for your daughter or son.

My third question is "Where are your Barbie Dolls, Junie B. Jones Books, and your string art that you should be playing with"  Why in the world are kids wanting to cloud their brains with relationship drama at this age....really most of them probably cannot even tell me what a relationship is!  I think or the best I can remember I still enjoyed pretend play and having fun when I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

My last question and the question I wish my parents would have asked me a million times over "Why in the world are you in a hurry to grow up and worry about getting a man or woman"  Get back to those books girls, boys you need to go outside and play some sports or build a fort.  There is plenty of time to worry about the opposite sex after the age of 16 or later!

Yes Lesse gets annoyed when I say "we don't date" or "how do you date when you don't drive", but in the end I think she gets my point, she needs to be a kid first, and grow up later!

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