Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Goal to Shop Local in BoCo Missouri

A year ago I would have hopped in my car drove to Wal-Mart for whatever basic need I had.  Today, that is
Holly's in Marble Hill, Mo
not an option, the closest Wal-Mart, Target, or big box store is at least 35 minutes away from home.

I have done my best over the past few months to cut cost and believe it or not I have actually cut cost by shopping in BoCo Missouri.  With the exception of a little bit of back to school shopping (shoes, backpacks, and new bras for the 10 year old) I have bought almost everything we have LOCAL.

Yesterday was a test to this, in fact I almost failed.  My computers DIED yesterday, actually one had died a few months back, but my main computer crashed yesterday morning.

I thought it was as simple as the keyboard, so I checked out Amazon for a wireless keyboard adapter for my computer.   I found it, but seriously I was in a panic as my computer is my work.  I decided I would drive into Marble Hill and look at Technology One for an adapter.  While he did not have an adapter I needed (he had almost every adapter there is), he did have a new keyboard for my computer and it was CHEAPER than the one on Amazon, and really his service was waaaay better!   

Unfortunately the keyboard did not fix my computer, I first called Toshiba to see if they could help me over the phone.  Toshiba, wanted $49.99 just to talk to me, since my computer was a few months out of warranty....seriously folks by this time I was in tears.

One of my friends was messaging me on my phone,  poor gal I unloaded on her, but she has big shoulders (so she says) and she reminded me of my dad's friend that fixes computers.   (I call him the computer genius)  I called him and he agreed to take a look at my computer.  I feel for him also, because he had to hear my sob story....and currently it is LONG one.  Fortunately, Mr Computer Genius, only lives 5 miles up the road, so I ran both of my computers up there, however, they were both NOT fixable.  I may have had a small panic attack in his basement, but he was much older and much wiser than me and offered to help me out.   I am back and live, on a desktop computer, that no lie works way better than my old....oh and note folks he was affordable and he could SAVE my 1000's of picture on my old computer. 

In the past months since I have moved back to BoCo Missouri, I can tell you hundreds of tales of when I was in crisis and a local businessman or woman has come to my rescue and it has not cost me out the butt. 

  • I recently bought 2 new tires for my truck at Sitze Auto in Marble Hill, MO and I spent $75 more for 2 tires than I did 2 years ago for 1 tire. 

  • I buy (most of) my groceries at Country Mart in Marble Hill, and while I may pay a few cents more for some things I SAVE big time in the Meat Department and I save on gas.  Note I also buy most of my gas from Country Mart, as they have deal if you get out of your car and walk in they will knock 3 cents off a gallon and you get a FREE 20 oz soda.  SCORE for me! 

  • I have bought a great deal of my clothes and Lesse's clothes lately at Holly's - Where to Find your Wear in Marble Hill.....this is a consignment shop, but I trade off some of my "old" clothes and usually get enough to buy what else I need.  Two weeks ago, I got 2 like new pair of jeans for $20, but I had $25 in credit so I spent NOTHING.   

  • One thing I had to have when I moved here was a new hairstylist, Danielle Beel with Total Results Salon(formerly Jean's Beauty Salon) was able to fix my hair and prevent my uni-brow for $10 less than I use to spend in Jackson, MO.....Danielle had to pick my jaw up off the floor when she gave me the total after fixing my hair. 

  • I talk regularly about our crazy turkeys, well on our farm we have 50 or so chickens, turkeys, ducks, and we have 4 rather HEALTHY Dogs....our bird feed comes from the local Bollinger County Coop where they mix it special for us and our dog feed comes from TJ's Country Supply where not only do I save a few dollars, but they remember exactly what I buy.  <3 that!  

  • Last weekend Lesse and I made a quick stop at The Mustard Seed Boutique in Marble Hill and Lesse has created her whole Christmas List from there and in my head I have figured it up to be less than $100.  

Bill Peters Hardware
Here is the facts folks, we live in a beautiful community, while we may not have a big box store, we do have local merchants that are NOT here to "rip us off" they are here to serve us.  Inside Bollinger County you can buy anything from computers, custom made granite counter tops, firearms, sewing machines, to local grown food all you have to do is use your head.  If I had any money I could bet you money that you will SAVE money shopping local, you will eat healthier, and you will feel is kinda like a circle of life, you take what you give.   

My challenge to you if you live in this community, try shopping here first.  If you don't live in our community you are welcome to come shop here, but really look down your street at your own local businesses...see how much you can save shopping there first. 


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