Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8 things that Hotels need to have

Every time I travel there seems to be SOMETHING I forget, or end up having to buy.  This can be so
frustrating and downright costly..  Over the past few trips I have begin making mental notes of things hotels should have, or at least what I think they should have.  

Dear Mr or Ms Hotel Manager,

Here is my list of what I think Hotels must have:

USB ports or adapters - We are living in 2013, I would think USB ports would be available at McDonalds by now, but they are not.  Hotels it would be AWESOME if you had at least one USB port in the rooms so people can charge their phone.  I failed this past trip and forgot my wall charger, ended up charging my phone to my computer and in my car as I could.   Ughhhhhhh!

Coca Cola - okay the last five hotels I have stayed at only had Pepsi in their soda machines, not that I am anti-Pepsi, I just prefer my Coca Cola.

Corkscrews - I know these things can be considered a weapon, that is why I remove mine from my purse as I travel.  However, I often buy a bottle of wine from whatever destination I am at, and end up paying five or so dollars for a corkscrew.  It would be awesome if hotels carefully put one with your coffee maker so you are prepared.

A Hair Dryer that actually dries your hair - seriously I have spent 20+ minutes drying my hair before.  Is there a regulation that hair dryers can only blow so hard or something?

Blankets - laugh now, but I get so annoyed having to call to the front desk asking for extra blankets.  I like it cold in my room, but I also like EXTRA BLANKETS.

A map of which light switch turns on which light - I know you are probably giggling by now, but sometimes hotel lighting can confuse a simple minded girl like me.

Free Bottled Water - at least 1 bottle in the hotel room, my gal pal Jessie and I ended up paying $3 a bottle without even realizing it one trip.  The bottle was not marked well, Jessie opened it, and then later we got the bill.....we could have bought a case of water for what that one bottle cost us.

Extra large towels - incase you have not seen the size of my booty, I am not a supermodel, however, when I am dressing after my shower, I don't want to look at my towel gapping.  I am suppose to feel GOOD about myself when I am traveling!

After compiling my list, I asked other travel experts what they felt hotels needed the most, here is what they had to say

My friend Meagan Shamy with Mommy Travels suggestion of Ipod alarm clocks.  I say the ones that charge your phone also would be great also, then we wouldn't need that USB adapter.

Anuja De Silva with Cosmopolitan Traveling Family says Free Parking & Free Breakfast.  I agree traveling with a family is costly, this is one way hotels can help us travelers cut cost.

Tonya Prater with The Traveling Praters says WORKING Wi-fi.  I second ya Tonya and not only because I normally work while I travel, but because I also have to check my bank, keep in contact with people, and live my life while I travel.
I am curious what Tonya is referring to me when she added hotels need walls thick enough you don't hear the person in the next room sneeze.....that could be BAD.

Smarty Pants Mama Caroline Murphy shouts OUTLET COVERS.  I think all parents can agree to this! Safety First!

Christine with Tibbetts Travel , throws in that those outlets should NOT behind heavy furniture.

Karen with Desert Chica Rambling says laundry facilities is a must for her.  I have to agree, I seriously hate packing, and often need to just wash an item or two, but there is either no laundry facility or it is too costly for me.

Lastly here is a suggestion from Nasreen Stump, from Rambling Stump -  Outlets near the bed that aren't hidden behind the nightstand, no tissue box built in on the edge of the counter at child height,coat hangers that I can take off the rod! More than one pack of regular coffee! (Nas is a bit of a coffeeaholic)

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