Friday, September 13, 2013

Your Biggest Parenting Fail

To call me an expert at parenting would be a joke, to call me a good parent would make me laugh, as I see all my flaws daily.  However, I have become to a victim to "other" parent's screw ups.....

The BIGGEST Parenting Fail you can have is loving your child so much that you cannot admit they are wrong or have a problem. 

I get that it is hard to say my kid is out of control, I get that it is easier to throw money at the problem, hide the situation from your friends, and pray like mad that it will go away.  SURPRISE, it don't, it only gets worse, it only gets nastier, and it only gets more embarrassing.

In my own family I have seen this, many of my failed relationships are from people not being able to own up and take control of their own problems, and sadly parents getting involved and BAILING them out.

Parents the next time that little man or woman comes home and tells you that their teacher is picking on them, check their facts.  I know it is near impossible to call your own child a liar, but they don't want to disappoint you, so they make themselves look good.

The next time your teenage daughter or son tells you that "their friends" did it as they watched, you better think twice.

The next time your grown son or daughter tells you that someone is just out to get them, think about the time you  should have busted their butt for lying, you caught them out past curfew and let it slide, or when bailed them out of jail for stealing.....chances are you FAILED at parenting and now you have raised a MONSTER.

I beg of all fellow parents, I know it is hard to admit your child messes up or has "problems", but think deep when you see them mess up.  I realize mess ups happen, but mess ups are meant to be a learning process, not a stepping stone for their next mess up.

It may seem awful that I told my son "if you ever drop out of school, then you have to get a job, get your own house, and take care of yourself"....but the fact is I don't want him thinking that mommy is always going to put groceries in front of him no matter what he does.

As Harry S Truman said "The Buck Stops Here" and it does!   This momma is not planning (note I can't control their future actions) the next Convict, Cheater, Thief, or  Bully!  

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