Monday, September 9, 2013

What I should have told all my exes.....

Remember at the end of the tunnel there is LIG...

That moment when you look up and think "man I should have just told him exactly what was wrong and not beat around the bush."

I made an oath to myself I would not be unhappy again, but the one thing that made me so unhappy was the lack of being able to communicate with the ones I loved.   In a relationship it is hard to come out and say exactly what you mean, what you feel, and what is really wrong.   Usually it is the littlest things that add up to GIANT mountains...

If there was a chance that I could go back tell all my past significant others what was wrong I would tell them this.

  • I am complicated, I am demanding, I am hard to understand, however, I need to be understood, heard, and made uncomplicated.
  • When I say nothing is wrong SOMETHING IS MAJORLY WRONG.
  • When I say I am tired, I am TIRED OF YOUR BS...and I just want you to understand that.
  • I don't nag at you, I only repeatedly ask you 1000+ times what I need done, maybe you didn't understand me the first 100 times, maybe you ignored me the second 100 times, then when I hit 500 I just start yelling.
  • I NEED to be HUGGED daily, I am not asking for you to have long drawn out love making session with me, I am asking for you to wrap your arms around me and give me a meaningful hug.
  • When I close the bathroom door I am either MAD at you, or I are going number 2 and am too embarrassed to let you hear me.  Your best bet is to just leave me be, let me finish our business/fit and talk to me later.
  • I may tell all of my girlfriends about our problems, but you had better NOT ever once tell your mother...fact is your mother still thinks no one is good enough for her little boy, so please don't give her any ammunition.
  • I should be the MOST IMPORTANT person in your life, right underneath God.  Fact your relationship with the love of your life should come before everything.  Now please don't give up your hobbies, your friends, or your children, but show them how special your relationship with me is.
  • You should have a picture of ME on your phone, infact you should have dozens of pictures of me on your phone...
  • I don't share, I am not good at playing fair, and I DON'T LIKE when other women look at you!  When we walk through the store, you should stay right next to me, so that they understand you are not available and STOP looking at you. 
  • I like to brag about what is mine, I mean really brag...I may put 50 pictures up of you on should just smile and go on about it.   
  • I NEED babied once in awhile.  I am big girl, but when I mad, sad, or worried....I need some TLC. 
  • I secretly wish you and I had the same kind of romance that I read about in all those trashy romance novels! 
Fact is life could have been so much simpler....I may not have saved all my past relationships, but I may have made them a little easier on others.  To my future...this is your one and only warning!


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