Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It is all in the Picture

Today is school picture day at Dillard's school and this Momma allowed my feisty 4 year old to DRESS HIMSELF!  No folks I am not crazy (okay yes I am), I am the Mom that believes in FUN, Individuality, and a Free-spirit a certain extent!

After chatting with Dillard's preschool teacher this morning, I decided I would look back at a few of our photos over the past year, guess what....we are true characters in this house!

September:  Trail of Tears Hiking

August:  Mastodon Missouri State Park

July:  LEGOLAND Kansas City MO 

June:  Cross Creek Campground near Lake of the Ozarks 

May:  GaGa's house....GaGa is not very good at making fun faces

April:  Missouri History Museum

March at Tower Rock near Altenburg, MO

February Lesse & Mommy's Girls Night out
January at Mill Stream Gardens near Fredericktown, MO

It is never about the perfect photo it is always about the PERFECT MEMORY.....I will cherish the memories of these hilarious moments forever!  Plus I have a lot of evidence or when my kids start dating!  

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