Thursday, October 4, 2012

Children’s Bible App for the Kiddos

Something that I hate to admit, it sometimes is hard to fit in “Bible Time” in our household, and I am sure I am not the only Momma out there with the same battle.  Let us face it technology has taken over our lifestyle and even the littlest ones are preoccupied by it. 

The Goal is to make learning the Bible FUN, but how can you do that?
  • If you are excited, they will get excited.
  • Make it part of your regular habit.
  • Find ways that your children enjoy learning and incorporate that into your Bible Time
  • Keep it simple, kids learn on different levels, but stay on their level. 
I was recently sent this IPad App to review, and this could be the very key to your success, if you struggle with Bible Time as we do.

The Children’s Bibles App for IPad contain 84 books, different and well-known Bible Stories.  Each story is beautifully illustrated, has color, sound effects, and music.  There are stories from the Bible for different age groups ranging from 0+ to teenagers, and even adults….hmmmm I should probably start using this myself!  

The app features include:
You can read the stories yourself
Read to Me (listen to the story while watching the pages turn)
My  Audio (record your own voice and play along with the story)
Play Movie (watch-animated videos)

Here is my thought on this, my kids are addicted to their IPod, IPads, and well really any piece of technology you lay in front of them.  The success in this is, I can sneak this app in, the kids already love watching movies on the IPad, listening to stories, and creating their own stuff, so why not just slip this in and take advantage of something they already love.

Now that I have spilled my nonsense on how much easier this app can make life, I now have the opportunity to GIVE IT AWAY!  Yes, folks sign up below (or follow the directions) to register to win this app! 

You can get a firsthand look at the app here on the I tunes Page  and see all the other neat stuff offered by their publisher on their Amazon page…I do encourage you to check it out and see how neat it is.  

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Disclosure:  I have been compensated for this review & giveaway.  However all opinion are my own!  

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