Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camping Momma Style

 Momma lets go camping!  Okay, probably not my favorite words to hear come out of my 4 year olds mouth, but that little man of mine believes momma is capable of anything.  Yeah I know I have him fooled!  

I can bet it didn't take too long for any of you to figure out that I am not an expert outdoors-woman  in fact I have come to the conclusion that they only allow me to call myself that to be nice to me.  However, I do have a desire to learn, or at least teach my children about the outdoors, but taking my 8 year old and 4 year old camping alone, well that is not exactly a challenge that I was sure I could handle.

I could probably attempt to assemble a tent, of course, all the other campers around me would probably get quite a show, but after the tent is up, I am not too fond of sleeping on the ground.  My excuse age, having two kids, and well I love my memory foam mattress that I have on my bed.  Lucky for me I have recently had the opportunity to test out, and yes I was successful at “semi” camping alone with my 2 kids in a Tree House at Cross Creek RV Park in Lake Ozark, MO. 

The inside of our Tree House
While they probably did not design these with me in mind, I could only hope, they did design this style of camping with folks like me in mind, and Momma’s you can do this to.  The styles may vary, but usually this “semi” camping consist of having some sort of off the ground bed, roof over your head, and lucky for me mine had running water and electricity.  Notice that I did not say shower and toilet; yep we survived a night without a shower and toilet right next to us! 

The truth is you do not have to be an “expert” outdoors-woman or man to successfully take your kids camping, or any outdoors activity.  Prior to my “roughing it” experience, I never dreamed I could actually alone build a fire, cook my dinner over the fire, and enjoy the outdoors alone with my kids….mainly my fear was the sleeping on the ground and the idea of being completely outside.  

Camping is what you make camping; I respect all the “expert” campers that pitch a tent and cook every meal over an open fire, but for all of us that are non-experts do not intimidate by the experts.  

  • First, many of them are excited to see you out there with your kids teaching about the outdoors.  

Dinner Momma Style
  • Second, remember that camping is what you make camping; I successfully cooked hotdogs over a fire, we had chips, and finished off with S’mores, and then for breakfast we had granola bars and donut sticks.  Maybe not the most nutritious meal of the week, but my kids ecstatic that Momma had broken all the rules and we had went “camping”…and I will note again that I woke and was able to walk!  

Cross Creek RV Park is in Lake Ozark, MO, the campground has a variety of family friendly activities including; fishing, swimming, special events each night, mini golf course, and much more.   Please visit their websitefor more information. 

More Photos of Cross Creek RV Park in Lake Ozark, MO 

Mini Golf Course

The Lake

Boats Available for Rent

Nightly Hayride

The Playground!

Disclosure:  Our visit to Cross Creek RV Park was sponsored The Beenders-Walker Group, however, all opinions a photos are my own.  

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  1. When you love the camping, you should not known to the word called fear as you need to be so brave is this aspect. I always love to camp near the lake side like you shown us here in that picture though.


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